Spank's new album "One step ahead"

Spank's new album is comming soon!!!

“One Step Ahead” is the second album of the Macedonian punk band Spank. This album is more influenced by the Californian skate punk, which makes it more energetic and stylishly more consistent. The band made some changes in its composition by excluding the brass section, which was more upfront in the first album, ”Choose your side”.
The songs such as „Better Future“, „Dela“, „Drowning“, „Time is changing“ you can feel the American influence by „Pennywise“, „Bad Religion“, „NOFX“,"The Offspring" etc.
The song „Sclerotic, which was part of the first album was rearranged and production-wise improved.
The album also includes a powerful, punk interpretation cover of the legendary Louis Armstrong’s song “What a wonderful world”.
Overall, this album is the product of great musical adrenaline, and it shall impress the audience.

You will be SPANKED very soon!!!

Finally the first official video of Spank, spank on:):)









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